Our Pilates Workshops

Exercise for Pregnancy and Beyond

Using Pilates-based work, learn safe and effective exercises meant for pregnancy and beyond. Exercises to stabilize low back and sacroiliac joint dysfunction will be emphasized. Learn mental imagery for pain control. Correct breathing techniques to assist labor and delivery will be taught.

Vibrant Spine Series – Low Back I

The focus of this workshop is on the low back and its relationship to overall health. Trigger point theory and self-treatment will be introduced by Sam Boswell, BA, LMP. He will also review the muscle groups most commonly associated with low back pain (thigh, hip, back & abdominals). Using Pre-Pilates stabilization exercises created by Elizabeth, the participant will gain an understanding of how to design progressive programs for themselves and their clients so that the Classical Repertoire can be realized within ones personal capacity. The emphasis will be on proper form and function, hands-on cueing, and program development.

Functional Pilates

This Class was developed for all levels and is safe for postpartum, low back or SI instability, most cervical issues. Reshape and tone your body. Improve function and mobility of your spine and pelvic girdle as you build your stamina, endurance, and strength through specific exercises using auxiliary equipment, such as the Magic Circle, Fletcher Towel, Feldenkrais Roller, and TheraBand.

Special Populations

The concepts presented will aid the teacher in making modifications for clients with various dysfunctions of the neck, back, sacroiliac (SI) joint, and shoulder, as well as those who are prenatal and postpartum.

Vibrant Spine

The concepts presented will allow teachers to design programs that will build a stable yet flexible spine for clients with varying abilities.

Moving Beyond the Mat

This two-day workshop takes the participant deeper into the mind/body/spirit connection. We will work with breath and movement inside and outside the boundaries of the mat work, roller, Fletcher Towel, Spine Corrector, and Magic Circle. Topics will include modifications, cuing, balancing strength & stability with flexibility & mobility. Techniques for listening to the body’s wisdom will be introduced.

Pilates Fundamentals

Recommended for all who have never done Pilates, done on their own or at another facility before starting a series. This workshop will teach you the correct basic techniques for Pilates.

Oh, My Aching Back

This workshop was developed for those with low back and sacroiliac concerns as well as those with weak abdominal muscles from disuse, pregnancy or surgery. Restore proper function and mobility to your pelvis and lumbar spine through specific and conservative Pilates-based exercises.

Bulging Belly

Are you tired of having a “bulge” instead of the six-pack belly you deserve for all your hard abdominal work? Using this Pilates-based method, find safe and effective techniques to strengthen your abdomen and reduce your BULGING BELLY!


This workshop will present a variety of ways to stretch your muscles, increase your range of motion and help alleviate pain.

For Men Only

Using these Pilates-based exercises, gain increased flexibility and strength. Discover which exercises help to alleviate certain pains. Come experience this intense, dynamic, and ever-changing exercise regimen that insures total body fitness.

Pilates Core Stabilization for the Personal Trainer

A stable core is essential for any exercise program. It is the foundation for all subsequent conditioning. Using proven Pilates techniques, maximize your training results by learning how to stabilize both the professional’s and the client’s core.

Athlete Workshop Series

This series of three (3) two-hour Pilates-based workshops is designed to give the athlete the tools to prevent injury and/or rehabilitate minor injuries. Each workshop will present specific exercises that have helped condition Olympic Gold and professional athletes (soccer, football, baseball, hockey, etc). The first will address proper stretching to achieve muscle balance that will increase joint stability. Benefits include increased range of motion along with increased blood-flow around and lubrication within the joint(s). The second will focus on core-stabilization and will build on the first. A strong core (abdominal, back, and pelvic girdle musculature) with flexible limbs is ideal in sports. The third is devoted to the knee, foot and ankle

What Our Clients Are Saying

 Amy Schaffner
Amy Schaffner

“Gifted teacher” best describes Elizabeth Jones. Within minutes of meeting her you’re aware of being in the presence of an expert. Your body will reap the benefits—and you’ll be transformed."

 Tine Reese
Tine Reese

“Elizabeth's pilates classes are fun and challenging. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to get in shape, improve their overall health, or recover from an injury."