Ron Fletcher had this to say about Elizabeth Jones-Boswell.

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She is, firstly, a good person – thoughtful of others – caring & giving.

Her training in dance, Pilates contrology & other movement therapy regimens is impeccable – and her years of experience have given her a love of body-knowledge & a sure and quiet confidence all of which she shares wisely and well with her stall & communicates beautifully to here students and clients, whether they come to her for a general fitness program or have specific physical therapy & rehabilitation.

She ius also an A-plus student – eyes & ears & brain always open and receptive to more information, awareness & knowledge to add to her teaching and training vocabulary.

All of this “good stuff” is reflected in her staff and the way they work & study & share – each one a very singular individual – all of them care – full & giving reflected also in the tranquil ambience of her world place.

Elizabeth Jones is up at the top of my A list – as a person, student & teacher.

~ Ron Fletcher
Master teacher & LaLaLaLaLaLaLa


“Gifted teacher” best describes Elizabeth Jones. Within minutes of meeting her you’re aware of being in the presence of an expert. Your body will reap the benefits—and you’ll be transformed.

I’ve taken Pilates from Elizabeth for over 5 years. Each workout is fresh and super challenging. Recently, a guy joined class in preparation for the 2013 CDA Iron Man. While this rugged man in his 30’s sometimes struggled with the rigors of the Pilates workout, he successfully finished the Iron Man with the benefit of a fierce six-pack. Some of our class members were there to cheer him on!

Last year I had a hip replacement, but took Pilates up to the day before my surgery. Importantly, due to Elizabeth’s expertise I was able to exercise without pain. This enabled me to go into surgery super strong. Two weeks later I was back in Elizabeth’s studio, recovering in the hands of a skilled movement therapist.

I owe my strong body and my curves (most of them anyway) to Elizabeth! She’s shaped me into a vibrant being with a great enjoyment of exercise.

~ Amy Schaffner


Elizabeth is amazing. I’ve been going to her for over 3 years now and she has completely changed my body. What I thought was a good core needed a lot of work! She can help you at any level.

Her approach with Pilates was completely different than other classes I had taken. She’s a true expert in her field. She keeps things interesting and it’s not the same workout every time. I’ve been able to stick to this work out longer than any gym membership or other classes. Sometimes the last thing we invest in is ourselves and our bodies. I made the decision to do it and stick with and I’m very grateful I did. I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been.

~ Eva Duncan Carper


The greatest benefits of my work with Elizabeth have been the tremendously increased core strength and flexibility that has kept me stronger and prevented me from incurring further injury. This enables me to participate in more sporting recreational activities at a higher level of fitness and without injury.

I have been working with Elizabeth for over five years. I started with her after a yoga injury convinced me that, in doing hatha yoga, I could not ultimately protect myself from future injury. I came to Elizabeth as a one on one client initially and have joined in group classes as I have been able due to health and scheduling issues. I tried another pilates studio at one point and was disappointed with the mass production approach that neglected my specific needs. I have never been anything but pleased by my experience with Elizabeth.

Above all, I have fun with Elizabeth doing challenging exercise that happens to be very good for me on all levels. I enjoy all aspects of our work from the personalized program that evolves week to week, her small classes, the comeraderie we share, and the excellent results I achieve.

Whether you are in rehab or are a star athlete, I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their core strength, flexibility and general fitness without risk of injury. I can think of no one I’ve ever worked with who provides the skill level she has to develop a successful pilates program for any level of fitness. She is just the best!

~ Betsy Jewett


Elizabeth is an excellent teacher and has helped me recover from a back injury. Her pilates classes are fun and challenging. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to get in shape, improve their overall health, or recover from an injury.

I’ve been taking Pilates from Elizabeth Jones-Boswell for over a year now and have seen dramatic improvements in my body’s strength, flexibility, and stability. When I first started training, I could barely move or twist my spine due to an injury from a fall. At first, Elizabeth worked with me privately to teach basic Pilates movements and breathing, as well as how to protect my back while working out. Within a few months, I was feeling much better and had recovered to the point that I was able to join group classes and resume some of my other previous athletic activities.

A year later, I am still taking Pilates twice a week and still seeing improvements in my body. I’ve dropped weight (finally got rid of all my pregnancy pounds!) and continue to see more definition in my arms, legs, back, and abdominals.

~ Tine Reese

I went to Elizabeth to help with training for my first Ironman. I couldn’t believe the changes in my body. Not only am I much stronger through my core and my back, but posture and balance were improved too. I always receive personal attention in open gym classes and each week is a different routine. Elizabeth prepared me so well, when I crossed the finish line last summer I felt like I could easily continue on.

~ Courtney Kelly


I began taking Pilates seriously 22 years ago because of chronic back pain (which was a lingering result of my career in ballet.) Within 6 months my back pain was gone, and I am happy that it has never come back as long as I continue to do the Pilates work twice a week.

Elizabeth Jones-Boswell adds her own wisdom to the method, and I enjoy her generous energy. I recommend her teaching of Pilates because of the expanse of her experience and because there is nothing else quite as safe and effective in the long run as Pilates for functioning musculoskeletal health.

~ Patricia Erickson, PMA-CPT


“Her commitment to excellence in both teaching other Pilates instructors and continually staying on the latest data, is nothing short of extraordinary.”

Where does one begin when describing Elizabeth and her passion for her clients? As a practicing Chiropractor for 30 years, I have the opportunity to meet many wonderful people in the healing arts, but Elizabeth takes it up a notch. Her commitment to excellence in both teaching other Pilates instructors and continually staying on the latest data, is nothing short of extraordinary. Despite being a very dedicated and active Mom and great wife, she cares for her patients with the same compassion. It is our great luck that Eilzabeth and her family ended up in Spokane.

~ Kelli Pearson, DC, DABCO

“Elizabeth is a dedicated teacher, is in excellent shape because she practices what she teaches and is driven to helping her clients become a more balanced person with Pilates.”

I started taking a Pilates class in 2006. It was a private class that was one on one with Elizabeth. I had gone thru some emotional trauma and thought that by taking a new class with Pilates that it would help me.

I noticed right away with working with Elizabeth was that by focusing on my breath as we went thru the workout that she created with me, my body and my mind became more balanced. I have never taken a one on one class where the teacher was with me for one hour and was totally present with me for that 60 min. both physically and mentally in every moment. This is a great quality of Elizabeths.

Whether it was working on the mat, machines, standing or sitting Elizabeth was constantly watching my body so make sure that I was doing everything correctly. She is an expert with this process. My posture has improved and my core of my body is stronger thanks to Elizabeth. She helped me to feel and see that process unfold. I would highly recommend Elizabeth to everyone whether they are an athlete, or someone that needs some rehab work from any injury or someone that wants to get in better shape.

~ Judi Calvert
President Hands On Trade Association

“Elizabeth is simply the best. She is knowledgeable and extremely experienced in all aspects of Pilates training and rehab.”

Writing a testimonial for a body worker is something I wouldn’t do for many people. That is because I have been a classical ballet teacher for 3 decades. I know the body and how to train it. But this testimonial is a pleasure to write. To put it succinctly, Elizabeth is simply the best. She is knowledgeable and extremely experienced in all aspects of Pilates training and rehab. Most importantly she is a very caring and intuitive woman with a natural gift for teaching.

I’ve known Elizabeth ever since I moved here to Spokane nearly eight years ago. I had just finished my Pilates certification course in Long Beach, CA and needed to complete required additional hours in order to complete my certification. Elizabeth took me into her nest and supported me totally during this process. We also became close friends. I can say without reservation that anyone needing better health, a more beautiful body, or rehab could not find a better choice than Elizabeth.

~ Kristen Potts

“I came to Elizabeth in 2013 as an injured runner. In a combination of one-on-one sessions and progression into group classes, Elizabeth helped me stabilize my knee, and regain flexibility and strength. Her knowledge and focus on correct movement combine beautifully with her patience and caring. I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough.”

~ Glenda Grunzweig

I have been a student of Elizabeth’s for 12 years. I was referred to her by my doctor. She was an alternative option to a second back surgery. Needless to say…it worked!

Slowly, methodically, carefully, she guided me through a series of breathing, stretching and basic modified Pilates movements until I was able to perform each exercise with relative ease. I am now able ( and have been able for several years), to perform any and all Pilates movements.

I love the Pilates experience and am clear that I would never be where I am without the careful guidance of Elizabeth. She is constantly challenging her own skill-set as well as growing her knowledge and experience base. She thrives on bringing that wisdom back to her students. Most importantly , I have always felt SAFE under Elizabeth’s tutelage, even when I was physically compromised and vulnerable. I am physically active and strong as a result of my time spent with Elizabeth. She comes with my highest recommendations!

~ Merrilee Lindaman

What Our Clients Are Saying

 Amy Schaffner
Amy Schaffner

“Gifted teacher” best describes Elizabeth Jones. Within minutes of meeting her you’re aware of being in the presence of an expert. Your body will reap the benefits—and you’ll be transformed."

 Tine Reese
Tine Reese

“Elizabeth's pilates classes are fun and challenging. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to get in shape, improve their overall health, or recover from an injury."